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Which online providers are reputable and where do new customers have to pay attention? We address this question GambleOnline-Casino.com in various categories and have taken a close look at the most popular providers.

We started with online brokers and added many more areas over time. Most recently, our detailed online casino review has been added.

For the following offerer categories you can currently find test reports in our offer:

  • Share depots
  • Binary options brokers with Binary options Apps, Binary options brokers with PayPal, Binary options demo account, Binary options trading signals and Binary options robot
  • Bitcoin Exchanges
  • CFD Broker with CFD Broker without additional obligation
  • ECN Broker
  • Forex Broker with Forex Broker no deposit and Forex Broker Demo Account
  • Lottery providers with Lotto 6 out of 49, Lotto Apps and Ethereum Lottery providers
  • Online Casinos, Bitcoin Casinos, Casino Apps, Casino Bonus, Casino free games, CS:GO Casinos, debit Casinos, Live Casinos, New Online Casinos PayPal Casinos Paysafecard Casinos Skrill Casinos as well as Merkur Casinos, Microgaming Casinos, Netent Casinos-Novomatic Casinos and Playtech Casinos
  • Online Poker with Poker Apps
  • Scratch games
  • Singles with Casual Dating
  • Skill games
  • Social Trading with Social Trading Apps
  • Betting on Basketball betting, eSports betting, football betting, football betting, Live betting, PayPal, betting, horse betting, sports betting Apps, Tennis betting, betting bonus, Bitcoin bookmakers and betting exchanges

In addition, we have also created a comparison to the following four casino games:

  • Blackjack
  • Book of Ra
  • Roulette
  • Fruit machine

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Table of contents

  • You can find it on GambleOnline-Casino.com
  • Difficult choice at online brokers
    – Background: So-tests GambleOnline-Casino.com
    – Checking for seriousness
    – Conditions and performance comparison
    – Beware of black sheep!
  • The Best Brokers for Stocks, Forex & CFD
    – Act without language barriers if possible
  • Which bet provider is the best & safest?
    – Sportsbook bonus: It may be quiet more
    – Payment processing: Fast to your own money?
  • Find the best online casino in comparison
    – Fair bonus? Good choice?
  • Play online poker at the best tables
  • The top providers for skillgames in the test
  • Singlebörsen: Prefer to play it safe
  • Conclusion: Strengths and weaknesses in comparison

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Reputable providers in the test

The best online portals for CFD and Forex brokers as well as casino games, sports betting, poker and dating have transparent and unique terms and conditions as well as extensive privacy policy. In addition, the deposit and withdrawal procedures must be well resolved so that all processes run smoothly. We have paid attention to this in our comparisons and test reports of the respective categories.

Difficult choice at online brokers

The number of online brokers increases almost weekly. Ever new providers come onto the market and sometimes make tempting offers. But not all brokers are seriously controlled and regulated. Within the industry, there are many black sheep that are either targeting traders ‘ money with unfair terms, hidden costs, or dodgy payout modalities.

Before registration and deposit, interested traders must thoroughly inform themselves about the offers of binary options brokers and compare them critically with each other. If you are sure that a provider is not a fraud, you will need to check whether the offered conditions match the personal trading behavior. A difficult task that takes a lot of time. GambleOnline-Casino.com has looked at numerous online brokers very closely and also the background of the company in mind. With the help of the test reports, you as a trader can benefit from our experience and quickly find the right offer for you.

Background: So-tests GambleOnline-Casino.com

A small team of experienced traders who have been extensively involved in trading in recent years is gradually testing all interesting and popular brokers. Some aspects are particularly considered and then compared in the Binary Options Broker comparison.

Checking for seriousness

The main aspect of our fraud test is the company check. For this purpose, a short history is provided in which both the origin of the broker and the headquarters are taken into account. As part of the regulation of the respective broker, a first statement can be made whether the provider is serious or rather wanted to be avoided. We also provide extended information with regard to customer funds. They should also be kept in different accounts. In the event of the broker’s insolvency, traders will then receive their deposits refunded in full or in part.

Part of the seriousness check is also the lighting of the bonuses and bonuses. Most brokers grant a deposit bonus, which is sometimes up to 100 percent. As laudable and fair as these credits may seem, not all offers are really serious. In the respective online broker test, we take a close look at the bonus conditions and show what needs to be done in order to be able to request a first payout of the bonus amount.

Also interesting are the Deposit and withdrawal procedures. With regard to transfers from the broker account to your own bank account, we use both our own experience and information from the World Wide Web. Only providers who pay out conscientiously within short periods of time are trustworthy. At the end is an assessment: Is the respective online broker fraud or can interested people register without hesitation?

Conditions and performance comparison

The overall offer is also decisive for the individual choice of broker. Here we examine the brokers for several criteria. Among other things, the trading platform used is important. It should be intuitive to use and offer a high level of user-friendliness. Another essential aspect is customer service. If possible, support should be provided in German for German customers. Contact options via email, live chat and phone are usually given. The employees behind the broker must have experience and expertise.

For the online broker comparison very crucial is the direct comparison of the conditions. These include the minimum deposit and the number of tradable assets. The focus is also on the offered maximum return on classic and exceptional options. Up to 93 percent is customary in the market. However, some brokers rely on the good faith of their customers and offer only chances of winning at about 80 percent.

In the overall view and from the broker’s own claim, it can be quickly recognized for which target group the respective offer is particularly suitable. Especially beginners should not choose a broker whose offer is not tailored to their needs and wishes. Our short assessment is groundbreaking for newcomers

Beware of black sheep!

Again and again it happens that traders have bad experiences with brokers. You do not inquire sufficiently about your provider before registering, pay in money there and receive no payout in the event of a win. No employees can be reached via customer service. This business behavior is fraud and must be contained. Prevention measure number 1 is the education about GambleOnline-Casino.com. Get active and find an online broker that you can really trust!

Looking for an online broker? Take a look at our comparison page and read our reviews. So you are guaranteed not to fall victim to fraudulent machinations and can start trading successfully!

The Best Brokers for Stocks, Forex & CFD

If you want to trade with stocks, Forex or CFDs, you always need a safe and reliable partner. The deposited deposits should be protected from a possible insolvency and also the disbursements in the best case run smoothly and easily. In order to be able to examine the different brokers in detail and extensively, we have therefore designed a very simple 8-point plan, with which professional brokers can be quickly recognized. In comparison of reputable CFD brokers, not all points are used, this is due to the special offer.

For example, transparency in deposit fees is important, since trading should be as cheap as possible. Really good providers will therefore always list their costs and fees nationwide and, for example, face such a comparison of the best Forex brokers with the competition. In addition, of course, the stock exchanges and over-the-counter trading also play an important role. The greater the variety here, the easier and more uncomplicated the trade can be accomplished. So it speaks clearly for the provider, even if supraregional markets can be found in the portfolio.

Also in the sense of transparency is a so-called sample depot, with which the underlying values and basic settings of the broker can be checked. Inexperienced traders can get first impressions for free, experienced traders can optimize their trading strategies. In this respect, it is certainly an important criterion whether such a model depot can be opened in comparison with the best stock depots. Especially for the inexperienced traders but also possible investment recommendations of the broker can be helpful. These facilitate the entry and give in the best case still further possibilities for further training.

Act without language barriers if possible

Also part of our review is the control of the website and language. German traders should of course also find the website in their native language in the best case. At the same time, it speaks clearly for the Broker, if the website is transparent and easy to use. As so often, however, the devil is also in the detail. Especially when it comes to setting off one’s own funds. Model brokers forego a regular current account and instead use a daily money account with interest. In addition, it is important to ensure that the settlement account can be opened quickly and is easy to use.

Anyone who attaches additional importance to alternative investment opportunities should keep their eyes open afterwards. Many investors, for example, prefer funds that are not found in every broker. In this context, possible surcharges and fees for fund trading are also important, because these are not unusual. In conclusion, however, our 8-point plan also examines the possible termination of a deposit or a transfer of a deposit. In both cases, this should be done quickly and easily.

If the matching broker from our comparison was found, trading can usually start immediately. Thanks to our extensive tests, maximum transparency is always guaranteed, because all strengths and weaknesses of the brokers are mercilessly revealed.

Which bet provider is the best & safest?

In order to find the best and safest betting provider, several criteria need to be examined. We of GambleOnline-Casino.com have done this task and, in particular, to the respectability and security. The sportsbook licenses play an important role here, because without them it is not possible. No betting company may distribute its offer without valid licensing. Before an account is opened, the licensings and regulations of the provider should be closely examined. For this reason, we have looked at and described the following authorities: UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner.Possible partnerships with football clubs or other clubs also increase credibility. In addition, attention must be paid to the background and the tradition. Of course, long-established representatives generally offer greater security than young bookmakers.

In addition, of course, the betting offer also flows into the evaluation. The selection should be appealing here and accordingly offer several sports. For a long time, the basic equipment also includes a live betting area, in which the events can still be followed and typed after the starting whistle.

Sportsbook bonus: It may be quiet more

For many tippers, the most important point of criticism when choosing the betting provider is the Sportsbook Bonus. Of course, this should be attractive and lucrative in the first place, after all, something should be done with it. At the same time, however, other factors also play a role, because above all, the new customer bonus should be fair. Thousands of euros are of no use as a bonus amount if the applicable bonus conditions are formulated too strictly. Impossible payout conditions, for example, do not speak for a good and reputable provider.

The customer support also provides good indications regarding the operation of a betting provider. In many cases, this is an image of the entire company, so that a contact with the employees can bring some interesting information to light. The accessibility and quality of the advice are particularly important here. In the best case, the support is available around the clock and can be contacted via several ways. Of course, it is an advantage if the answer then actually includes the desired solution for the problem.

Payment processing: Fast to your own money?

Payment transactions play an overriding role in the evaluation of a bookmaker. The transactions should, of course, be secure in the first place and not provide an attack area for unauthorized persons. In addition, the provider waives fees for deposits and withdrawals in the optimal case. Of course, there are clear advantages in our tests for fast and uncomplicated processing. The faster the profit ends up in your own pocket, the better the evaluation of the provider is.

In addition, the possible additional offers should always be scrutinized, because it is precisely through these that the company often sets the individual accents. Welcome are, for example, live streams, with which the games can be watched live. In addition, the cash-out function is also very popular, with which your own bets can be evaluated before the end of the regular season.

Find the best online casino in comparison

The game has been around for as long as there are people. And just as long is already cheated while playing. This fact will probably never change, but the scammers on the online casino market can be bypassed quickly and conveniently. Our casino comparison provides information, because all well-known and less well-known providers of the industry were closely examined and compared with respect to their seriousness and their offer. Possible strengths and weaknesses are thus mercilessly revealed. A good example of this is our test from Knossi Casino.

For this, it is of course primarily important to put seriousness to the test. Does the casino have valid licenses? How far away are these licenses also valuable in your own country? Many questions need to be answered, and here we are doing the work for you. In addition, we pay attention to the user-friendliness of the software, because real gaming pleasure arises only with smooth processes.

Fair bonus? Good choice?

Of course, the new customer bonus also plays an important role. This should be fair and can be used without problems. If the requirements are too hard, a different offer should be chosen. There is plenty to choose from here and the amounts can also be seen: 1,000 Euro bonuses and more are not uncommon. Of greatest interest is also the breadth in the portfolio, because not every player wants to play the same games day after day. So it is clearly desirable that new games are added regularly. The quality, however, should not be lost sight of.

In no detailed test should the controllers of customer support and payment methods be missing. Customer support requires above all a good and complete accessibility. The payment portfolio should do without fees and enable secure payment transactions.

Play online poker at the best tables

The fascination of poker lives on, of course GambleOnline-Casino.com For this reason, we have tested the largest and most well-known poker rooms and examined their performance and seriousness. Of course, several factors also play an important role here, so that full transparency is guaranteed by the test reports at all times. Background check, license and regulation checks, support and offer checks – all of this has been done and detailed and extensively published in our large comparison of the best online poker providers. At the same time, the different providers can also be easily compared with each other, so that the best offer is found in seconds.

The top providers for skillgames in the test

The skillgames enjoy an ever increasing popularity, after all, it really depends on the skill of the player. So that no player can fall for the offer of a “black sheep”, we have checked numerous providers of the industry. For example, the seriousness and licenses, the customer support, the game portfolio, the payment methods, the user-friendliness and the bonus offer were examined. Quickly finding the top providers for skillgames is no longer a problem from now on.

Single Exchanges: Prefer to play it safe

Love is known to make a lot of money. Exactly for this reason, fraudsters have spread over the years in this industry and the actually very good reputation at least a little distorted. But this is a thing of the past, because we GambleOnline-Casino.com have checked the most popular and well-known dating and singles exchanges and checked for numerous striking features. Is this where fake profiles are used? What are the contact options? And is there a mobile app? In order to filter out the best offer from the broad masses, an intensive search and control is required. We have completed this step, because users can clearly use the time better. So: Simply inform and find the best dating site in our comparison of reputable singles.

Conclusion: Strengths and weaknesses in comparison

In the various industries, there are still a few “windy figures” who are primarily looking for quick money. However, customers, players and users do not have to worry about this, because with our tests and comparisons all strengths and weaknesses of the offers are mercilessly revealed. Possible scams come to light immediately and can be easily bypassed by all users. For this purpose, we have GambleOnline-Casino.com intensive tests carried out in order to guarantee every player and customer the greatest possible transparency.